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Crafting Nature to Fit Your Home

Handbuiding is an ancient form of pottery that involves creating form without a pottery wheel. Every piece is created and molded using your hands and simple tools. 


All our pieces are created with stoneware clay but every technique and method varies with every piece. 

Some techniques involve -

  • Pinch Pots, coil and slab method

  • Trimming, adding texture and design.

  • Bisque firing

  • Glazing

  • Glazing fire

How We Create

artist handbuilding
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Meet the Artists

Inspired by life, influenced by nature, and creating with heart. 

Roots and Pots is a place where natures imperfections are celebrated and used as inspiration.

Carlos and Vivian, two friends from completely different backgrounds that share a love for art, nature, and life come together to craft nature into the home. 

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