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Meet Vivian

Vivian was a creator from the start. Being born and raised in Cuba, she was completely immersed into an artistic environment since a young age. Fine Arts, interior design, modern dance, and fashion have played a very prominent role in Vivian development as an artist.

 She studied interior design at Miami-Dade college, while also learning all there was to know about ceramics and hand building, at Miami League of Ceramics. Vivian always had a love for creating and for nature and all it provides us. Ceramics gave her the ability to express that love and admiration in a way she had never done before. This passion for life, art, and creating is just one half of who Roots & Pots are.

Meet Carlos

Art has also been a very big part of Carlos since a young age, but his path was a little different. Carlos passions were drawing and writing poetry. He drew inspiration from all that surrounded him. He too had a love and admiration for nature in a way he could only express when creating.


Through love, dedication, discipline, and creativity, Carlos focused on his growth and development as an artist over the years. Looking back, even at 8 years old just arriving to the United States, he was creating based on all that surrounded him. 


His passion for art and nature are what eventually took him to Miami International Fine Arts College to study illustration and graphic design. Eager to learn more, he enrolled in Florida International University with a concentration in painting.

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Roots and Pots

Together Vivian and Carlos bring out the life in each other. They are opposites in so many ways, but their partnership blooms because of their merging values and admiration for nature, arts, and life. It is why they created this business. To share their passion and craft nature back into your home. 

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